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If you need dental care

Tandvårdsstödet består av allmänt och särskilt tandvårdsbidrag samt ett högkostnadsskydd.

General subsidy

On 1 July every year, you receive a new dental care subsidy. There is a balance at Försäkringskassan. You do not need to apply, but rather tell the dentist or dental hygienist that you want to use your dental care subsidy to pay a part of the cost.

How large the subsidy is depends on how old you are.

  • Your annual subsidy is SEK 300 until the year you turn 29.
  • Your annual subsidy is SEK 150 from the year you turn 30 until the year you turn 74.
  • Your annual subsidy is SEK 300 starting the year you turn 75.


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How does high-cost protection work?

The high-cost protection means that you only need to pay a part of the cost yourself for major treatments. Försäkringskassan compensates the dentist directly.

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Special subsidised dental care

Särskilt tandvårdsbidrag är ett bidrag för dig som har en sjukdom eller funktionshinder som medför en risk för att din tandhälsa försämras.

Försäkringskassan provides a special subsidy if you have an illness or disability that increases your need for dental care. The subsidy can be used for checkups, tooth cleaning and other preventive procedures.

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We have a brochure that provides overall information in this subject. You can download it here:

4019 If you need dental care (PDF 497 kB, opens in a new window)