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If you need help with the housing cost

If you are between the age of 18-28 and have a low income, you are eligible for housing allowance. How much you can get, depends on your income, your housing costs and the size of your home.

1 Calculate housing allowance

Räkna ut ditt preliminära bostadsbidrag

Du behöver veta din om bostadskostnad, bostadsyta och årsinkomst för att kunna göra beräkningen.

The housing allowance has been increased since 1 January 2012, which means that you cannot perform calculations for time before 2012.

2 Apply for housing allowance

Single applicant

If you live on your own, are between the age of 18-28 and want to avoid filling in paper forms, you can most easily apply through My pages.

Ansök om bostadsbidrag med e-legitimation

Här kan du som är mellan 18-28 och bor ensam ansöka om bostadsbidrag

Married or cohabitating applicants
If you are married or live with your partner and both of you are between the age of 18-28, you should apply jointly on the paper form.

Download form

3 Have full control of your housing allowance on My pages

If you receive housing allowance, you can get information on My pages about:

  • the next disbursement - notification five days before the disbursement date
  • earlier disbursements
  • your application has been received
  • your application for a change of earlier information has been received
  • previously submitted income information
  • when it is time to renew the application for housing allowance
  • when a decision has been made regarding your application
  • changing the account for the deposit of the money and
  • receiving a message by text or e-mail when new information is available in My pages

If you live alone, you can also submit your application and extend your housing allowance directly in My pages.

4 Change information in the application

If your circumstances change during the time you receive housing allowance, such as if your income increases, you have capital gains or somebody moves in with you, it is important that you notify us since you may be required to pay back money if you receive too much housing allowance.

The fastest way to notify us of changes is to login to My pages, but you can also ring the Customer Service Centre at 0771-524 524.


Change or add information to your housing allowance application. Here, as before, you can apply for housing allowance, change or add information. Login with electronic ID.