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Disability allowance

What is disability allowance?

If you need extra help due to an illness or disability, you can receive disability allowance.

This applies if you need a great deal of help in your daily activities or help to be able to work or study. You must need help for at least one year.

Who can receive disability allowance?

You can also receive disability allowance if you have extra costs due to your illness or disability.

Are there any age limits?
You can receive disability allowance as of the month of July of the year you turn 19 (when the right to care allowance ends). To be entitled to disability allowance, you must have had your disability since before you turned 65, but if you still need help, you may also keep the allowance after turning 65.

If you are cared for at a hospital or another institution, you may keep your disability allowance if the care is estimated to last a maximum of six months. If the care lasts longer than six months, you can only keep the disability allowance for the days you are not cared for at the institution.

How large is the compensation?

How much you can receive for disability allowance depends on what needs for help you have and how large your additional costs are. Disability allowance is tax free.

How do I apply?

You apply for disability allowance on the form "Application for disability allowance".

You can find forms at the bottom of this page. You can also order forms by phone at 020-524 524.

Contact our Customer Centre by phone at 0771-524 524 if you need help with your application. If you have a personal administrator, you shall turn to him or her to get help.

With the application, you shall also attach a doctor's statement about the illness or disability. If you are applying for compensation for additional costs, you shall describe what the costs are.

If you apply for compensation for additional costs for travel by your own car to and from work and studies, you must complete both the application for disability allowance (3070) and the request for car costs (3077).

Disability allowance can provide certain discounts

If you have disability allowance, you can receive a benefits certificate. With this certificate, you can receive a discount when you travel with public transport or on entrance to various events. You must yourself check with the respective companies if the certificate gives you a right to a discount. Phone our Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 if you want to order the certificate.

The certificate will shortly be sent to the person granted disability allowance automatically.

In-depth information

Disability allowance (PDF 122 kB, opens in a new window)

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