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Car allowance

What is car allowance?

The car allowance consists of four different allowances. You can receive allowance to

  • buy a car - basic allowance and purchase allowance
  • change a car - adaptation allowance
  • get a driving licence - grant for driving licence education.

Who has a right to car allowance?

You can get car allowance if you

  • have a lasting disability
  • or have a child with a lasting disability
  • belong to one of the five car allowance allowance groups
  • live in Sweden and do not work in another country.


Information on what the five allowance groups are is available in the in-depth information Car Allowance further down on this page.

A disability is counted as lasting if it is likely to remain for at least nine years in the future.

To receive car allowance, you must have recurring and very great transport difficulties on your own or using public transport, such as getting off and on buses and trains. The difficulties may be due to different things. These may be pain, respiratory difficulty, reduced mobility, poor balance and stomach problems.

However, a certain disability or a certain diagnosis does not automatically give you the right to car allowance. An apparently similar disability can cause one person great transport difficulties, while another person can manage well on his or he own despite the disability.

How does one get car allowance?

You apply for car allowance on a special form that is available for download on this page. You can get help completing the application by contacting our Customer Centre at 0771-524 524. When your application has been received by Försäkringskassan, a letter is sent home to you, indicating that we received your application.

When you apply for car allowance, you shall also send in a statement from your doctor where he or she describes your or your child's disability and what transportation difficulties it causes. The doctor shall also assess if your disability will last for at least nine years.

If you are to drive the car yourself, the statement shall also include information that you have the medical conditions to drive a car.

Decision before car purchase

You cannot receive basic or purchase allowance for a car that you bought before receiving a decision approving car allowance.

Försäkringskassan does an investigation

To determine if you are entitled to car allowance and if so, how much, Försäkringskassan conducts an investigation of your matter. The investigation is based on what is stated in the application, the doctor's statement and any other documentation sent in or that Försäkringskassan already has. The administrator usually contacts you so that you can jointly talk about your or your child's difficulties and needs.

As soon as the decision is ready, it is sent home to you.

How is the money paid out?

You yourself choose to whom the money is paid out. Försäkringskassan needs a written request on which account the disbursement shall take place to.

Remember that the car allowance is yours personally, even if you choose for the disbursement to take place directly to the car seller or adaptation company. It is you who is purchasing the car even if you have received the money from Försäkringskassan. Försäkringskassan has not connection to either the car seller or the adaptation company.

Before Försäkringskassan disburses the car allowance, an invoice that is issued to and signed by you is needed. A written agreement that you will carry out the transaction also suffices. If disbursement takes place against agreement, you must send in a copy of the paid invoice or receipt no later than six months after disbursement. If you have received too much money, you must repay the difference.

In-depth information

More information on car allowance and how you adapt your car for you or your child can also be found in "the model for you" and "travelling safely".
You can find this information on the websites of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute: www.vti.se and the Swedish Transport Administration www.trafikverket.se