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If you are affected by the forest fire in Västmanland

All of the Försäkringskassan offices in Västmanland are open as usual.
If you have questions related to Försäkringskassan or ongoing matters and need to contact us, 
please call your administrative officer or visit any of our customer centers.
We have also established a new dedicated line, 0771-524 500, which is open Monday to Friday. 
0800-1600, for those in the area of the forest fire in Västmanland who need to get in touch with us.

Book a phone call with someone who speaks your language:

Customer centers (in Swedish):


Find out what benefits and compensation you are entitled to and how to apply for them. You can take care of most matters yourself, with the help of our e-services.

Job seeker

Information for job seekers is currently not available in English, but coming soon.   


What benefits and allowances are you entiteled to?

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