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Reconciliation meeting

Försäkringskassan is responsible for coordinating the various measures a person is in need of to be able to get back to work. This may be measures of a medical, social or working life-oriented nature. Försäkringskassan can then convene a reconciliation meeting.

What is a reconciliation meeting?

A reconciliation meeting is a meeting with an employee who is reported sick, Försäkringskassan and at least one other party that can influence the sick employee's situation.

Besides you as the employer, it can be a doctor or a representative from the Public Employment Service. Occupational health services and a representative from the union may also participate.

The objective of a reconciliation meeting is in part to clarify what the employee can and cannot do based on his or her illness, and in part to decide what measures are required for the employee to be able to return to work.

Plan for returning to work

The meeting shall focus on a plan for returning to work. If the employee needs working life-oriented rehabilitation measures, one shall discuss what measures are possible and appropriate.

The results of the meeting shall form the basis of a plan for returning to work.