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Employees and parental leave

Work and parenthood

According to the Parental Leave Act, both mothers and fathers can be on parental leave until the child is 1.5 years old.

The right to leave applies regardless of whether the parent takes out parental benefits or not. Thereafter, the parent has the right to leave in connection with taking out parental benefits that he or she has left and temporary parental benefits to take care of a sick child.

The parent also has the right to shorten his or her working hours by up to one fourth of the normal working hours until the child has turned eight or until the child has finished the first year of school.

Parental insurance - half each

Parental insurance was established so that all parents would be able to combine work with parenthood. Parents have the right to parental benefits when a child is born or adopted.

Parents receive 480 parental benefit days for one child. A new father or the other parent also has the right to ten days with compensation when a child is born.

Parents with joint custody have the right to half of these days each. Parents can transfer days to each other, but 60 of the days are reserved for each of the parents and cannot be transferred to the other parent.

The days can be taken out as whole or partial days until the child turns 8 or the child has concluded the first year of school at the latest.

Children has the right to both of their parents according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Sweden signed in 1990. If you as an employer make it easier for your employees to share the responsibility for children, you become a more attractive employer.

Registration no later than two months before

If an employee wants to take parental leave, he or she must notify you at least two months before the beginning of the leave.

Since 1 July 2006, it is prohibited for employers to disadvantage men or women on parental leave. In the Parental Leave Act, it is established that parental leave may not lead to a worse salary development or otherwise worse terms of employment than the person would have had before the parental leave.

Pension payment from AFA Försäkring

The employer pays in money to the personnel's collective agreement occupational pension, but not for someone who is on parental leave. AFA Försäkring can take over the employer's payments to the employees' collective agreement occupational pension (applies to privately and cooperatively employed workers).
Read more on AFA Försäkring's website.

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